Rooted in the land, bounded by the sea, our history is filled with sturdy, independent-minded people inspired by what nature provides. 

We continue a tradition that’s been a part of our heritage for generations. 

A Magical Place

The North Fork is a verdant and diverse agricultural region in New York, situated on a 30 mile long peninsula at the eastern end of Long Island, surrounded by vibrant, clear waters.

The region is blessed with fertile soils, salt and fresh water, wildlife and flora, and a variety of maritime microclimates. Cutchogue is known as the sunniest place in New York State.

Located 90 miles east of New York City, the North Fork refers collectively to the hamlets and villages within the townships of Riverhead and Southold. Its rich history and heritage as a farming and harvesting community was established early on with Southold recognized as the first English settlement in New York State in 1640. 

Homegrown for Generations. Renewed Daily

For generations, North Fork farms and fisheries have been essential engines for the local economy. Fresh produce and seafood ‘production’ continues to flourish, as does the burgeoning wine industry, paired with a highly-regarded restaurant renaissance, all add to its popularity as a seasonal destination. 

In more recent years, the North Fork has also become a magnet for entrepreneurs — high quality, small batch producers, seeking year-round markets beyond the North Fork. North Fork Authentic serves this diverse community to enrich the local economy, its growth and sustainability. 

North Fork Authentic

North Fork Authentic connects, unifies, cross-pollinates, and promotes North Fork growers, harvesters, producers, makers and their goods and related services to increase awareness, distribution and sales to outbound markets to create a sustainable, thriving future.

Education, training, nurturing and marketing will attract, guide and further develop a robust community that continues to contribute to the local economy and ‘delivers’ to the world.

Join Us

North Fork Authentic is the North Fork’s homegrown unified regional brand, focused on producers, harvesters, makers, service providers, partners, buyers and supporters who care about preserving our natural resources and wildlife, our farmlands and waterways, scenic vistas, and a conscientious way of living.

Our vision is to grow a vibrant community that enables sustainability for producers of all stripes while managing success for future generations. Producer and Services members will enjoy on-going added benefits and be able to participate in programs throughout the year to reach and connect with customers and collaborate with peers to improve economic opportunities.

We hope you’ll join us and celebrate centuries of history and heritage.