Retailers, Restaurants & Hospitality Membership

Membership is FREE for the Remainder of 2019!

Retailers, Restaurants and Hospitality service providers are well positioned to bring attention to and increase awareness of North Fork Authentic growers, harvesters, producers and makers.

Basic membership

Your online presence with North Fork Authentic starts with:

Member Profile: A snapshot of your business with link to your website, if you have one.  Within the Member Profile, a Download Section allows direct access to your important communications materials and sales tools.

Marketplace 1.0: A comprehensive, searchable listing of North Fork businesses to connect within and beyond the North Fork.

Social Media and Postings: North Fork Authentic will post your special events and employment listings in appropriate sections of the North Fork Authentic website.

North Fork Authentic Decal

Retailers, Restaurant & Hospitality
service members will be provided the North Fork Authentic Supporter Decal in print and digital format to demonstrate your commitment to the North Fork and North Fork Authentic product members.  You may use this decal on your marketing communications including websites, advertising and social media and at your bricks and mortar location.

Beyond Basic Membership

Showcases & Events
Opportunity for inclusion in North Fork Authentic produced showcases and events.

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