Products Membership

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North Fork growers, harvesters, producers and makers of North Fork originated products have our full attention.
With your interest we will collaborate with you, one-on-one, to learn more about you and your business, and build an effective online presence within the North Fork Authentic website.
Basic Membership

Your online presence with North Fork Authentic starts with:

Member Profile: A snapshot of your business, your brand, products and services offered with a link to your business website, if you have one. North Fork Authentic will contact you to develop your Member Profile page either from scratch or with your completed marketing materials. Within the Member Profile, a Sales Tools Download Section will be provided for your materials: product list, sell sheets, brochures, event flyers, etc.

We expect to be in regular contact with you; however, if your Member Profile information changes, it will be your responsibility to notify us so that we will always be current.

Marketplace 1.0: A comprehensive, searchable listing to put you in front of buyers, to connect and sell.

Social Media and Postings: North Fork Authentic will post your special offerings and employment listings in appropriate sections of the website.

North Fork Authentic Seal

As a Products Member, you may use the Seal on your North Fork products that meet the North Fork Authentic criteria, as well as related business / brand marketing communications including websites, packaging, point of sale, advertising and social media.

Beyond Basic Membership

Showcases & Events
Opportunity for inclusion in North Fork Authentic produced showcases and events. TBD.

Trade Shows
Opportunity to join us in a variety of trade shows North Fork Authentic participates in throughout the year targeted to specific industries, including Specialty Retail, Mass Retail, Hospitality and Institutional buyers. TBD.

Trade Buyers Outreach Program
Opportunity to be highlighted in North Fork Authentic’s targeted outreach programs to a variety of segment audiences designed to generate sales leads and get results.

Innovation Program
North Fork Authentic is in the process of developing innovative programs for producers with the ultimate goal of sustainability and increased sales. We will announce details soon.

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