North Fork Authentic Membership Fundamentals

Membership is inclusive and welcomes everyone to join – as an individual, a business from any sector, an organization, government, shoppers and trade buyers, retailers, restaurants, hospitality providers and of course, North Fork growers, harvesters, producers, and makers themselves.

A primary, guiding principle for membership criteria and category assignment is the enhancement of the local economy by sourcing North Fork goods and related services and using local labor whenever possible to make a positive impact to the community.  This integrated vision is fundamental to North Fork Authentic.

The North Fork Authentic Seal is for homegrown North Fork products and provides a brand mark to bring attention to the individual item grown, harvested, produced or made on the North Fork. These are truly local enterprises, all having been originated, nurtured, refined and perfected on the North Fork of Long Island, by North Fork stakeholders.

Retailers, restaurants, hospitality and other service providers build community by displaying the North Fork Authentic Supporter Decal.

Partner Organizations can utilize the North Fork Authentic Partner Symbol in print and digitally to demonstrate support for establishing a strong community network for the North Fork community.

North Fork Authentic recognizes and appreciates efforts towards high standards, integrity, honesty, and transparency while using best business practices within the community at large and directly with customers.

Beyond basic membership, we are prepared to take the time to customize Marketing and Related Services designed to meet the specific needs of each product and services member to fulfill their growth potential.

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Growers, Harvesters, Packaging/Processing, and Makers

Retailers, Restaurants & Hospitality Service Providers

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