Events & Showcases

Trade Buyers & Consumer Events

North Fork Authentic will create and produce trade and consumer opportunities to connect with important buyers and audiences of all stripes. We’ll deliver a great experience and make great fanfare to the media to make sure we get noticed, further reaching larger audiences. Off the North Fork, we can function as North Fork brand ambassadors, telling the stories all the way through to closing a sale.

The North Fork Authentic branded booth at the Fancy Food Show 2018 showcased key food producers while creating awareness of the region and the assortment of North Fork products to generate sales leads from trade buyers. North Fork Authentic will participate in regional, national and international Trade Shows directed at Wholesale and Institutional Buyers, expanding the market for North Fork goods.

Looking ahead, North Fork Authentic hopes to produce an Experience | Showcase represented by a walk-around 2-3 day trade and consumer showcase & tasting event at a North Fork location. Exhibitors would include farmers, aquaculture harvesters, food & craft beverage producers, wineries, restaurants, retailers, hospitality providers, services businesses, community organizations and government, bringing together the full range of what the North Fork has to offer.

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