North Fork Authentic

North Fork Authentic is committed to enhancing the value of North Fork products and services while improving year-round sustainability for the North Fork region and its local economy.

North Fork Authentic embraces the North Fork community — its growers, harvesters, producers and makers of high quality products; the broad range of service providers; the supporting community organizations, industry associations and government.

North Fork Authentic is homegrown with a mission to educate, train, nurture and market to attract, guide and develop an already robust community that contributes to the local economy and ‘delivers’ to the world.

Through the concept of a unifying regional brand, North Fork Authentic seeks to connect, unify, cross-pollinate, leverage and promote North Fork goods and services while maintaining the individuality and diversity of the proud, independent North Fork community. 

This website launches the communications campaign that will feature members and their authentic stories. As an information and marketplace hub for North Fork products and services, the increased awareness of North Fork Authentic will bring direct benefit to North Fork Authentic members, their products and services and the trade and consumer markets they seek.

Membership is inclusive and welcomes everyone to join – as an individual, a business from any sector, an organization, government, shoppers and trade buyers, retailers, restaurants, hospitality providers and of course, North Fork growers, harvesters, producers, and makers themselves.

Beyond Membership, North Fork Authentic offers:

Consulting Services designed to meet the specific marketing and product development needs of each product and services member to fulfill their growth potential.

Food Production to develop products from recipes using raw goods or procuring goods for final production.

Logistics & Distribution Services to get goods to market – local, region, nation, world-wide. Our refrigerated truck delivers perishables from produce to seafood in addition to packaged specialty items.

North Fork Authentic Advisory Council will be the primary forum through which members and the community at large can provide guidance, membership evaluation, feedback and comments relating to the initiatives and policies that are implemented by North Fork Authentic.